17 Pretty Pictures of Birds’ Nests

It might be tricky to get a good picture of a bird’s nest, since it might require climbing, but the final photo could be worth the effort. If nothing else, it’s a happy reminder that spring is on the way.

birds nest

birds nest by unidilla arts


bird nest

Bird Nest by David Torrence


bird nest

home by Susanne Helmert


love birds nest

Love Nest by Christine Connerly


bird nest

Home For All Of Us by Peter James


birds nest robins eggs

Robins Eggs by jude McConkey


birds nest

Feather Your Nest by JessaMae Photography


birds nest blue eggs

Birds Nest by Julianne Kiley


Birds Nest in the Snow

Nest in the Snow by Bird and Bloke


birdnest, blue egg

The Nest by Deborah


empty birds nest

Empty by Deborah


empty nest

Empty Nest by April


Robin's Egg Blue

Robin's Egg Blue by Michele


Chickadee nest

Chickadee nest by Victoria


birds nest blue egg

Tomorrow's Hope by EmeliaJane


empty robin's nest

Robin's Nest by Lucy Snowe


Robins Nest

Robins Nest by DovieMoon

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Christine Connerly

Thank you for including my photo “Love Nest” in your lovely collection! I am glad to be part of this collection.


I love the photos!

david bise

So pretty….

Floyd Schrock

Nice photos, but I would enjoy it more if there were no “artificial” nests included, and if there were not so many misidentified eggs. Better no name than wrong name, in my opinion. 🙂

DJ Bittle

As I have stated previously to this photo collection, it is illegal in the US to possess or disturb nests or eggs of most birds. So be mindful of the feathered creatures…

Michele Thielke

Another wonderful collection of photos! Great to see one of mine in there!


The nest pictures are so delicate and stunning
None can keep set without acknowledgement
The process of nest building is not easy to find
Bird knows the breeding season and time
Builds the nest as when required in time
The desire and skill are a God’s gift to follow
Though human are more developed and knowledged
Still suffer from anaemia, weakness and unplanned
Only strives at the movement of delivery for help
In this regard, the birds are far better than human

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