17 Stunning Pictures of Sunsets & Sunrises by Rhys Pope

Rhys Pope bought his first Canon 500D just over two years ago. Since then he has taken landscape photos almost every single day. He has a passion for being out and about in the world and he loves getting the chance to capture and share stunning scenes that he experiences. Rhys is said to be “following the dream” and hopes that one day his life can completely revolve around photography.

Here is a stunning selection of some of his sunset and sunrise pictures. If you would like to see more of Rhys work, check out his Flickr Photostream and Facebook .

Sunset and Sunrise

Colour Explosion

Sunset and Sunrise

Mornings In Scarborough

Sunset and Sunrise

Grose Valley Sunset

Sunset and Sunrise

Sunset We All Hope For

Sunrise and Sunset

Hawkesbury Valley Countryside Drive

Sunset and Sunrise

Beautiful Sydney City

Sunset and Sunrise

Discover The Blue Mountains

Sunset and Sunrise

Harbour Bridge Sunset

Sunset and Sunrise

Tuggerah Lake

Sunset and Sunrise

Birds Of The Sunset

Sunset and Sunrise

Nature’s Encore

Sunset and Sunrise

Morning Oasis

Sunset and Sunrise

The Last Shine

Sunset and Sunrise

Sunrise of Splendour

Sunset and Sunrise

Through The Eyes Of A Painter

Sunset and Sunrise

Living By The Bay

Sunset and Sunrise

Art With Photography

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  1. The Soul Explorer

    Wow! I love the sunset photos!

  2. marianna

    Congratulations on a spectacular series of sun-infused images Rhys! Well deserved to be featured here.

  3. Alex

    Great pictures, especially Living By The Bay…

  4. myrtle

    WoW! That was really awesome photos.. =D

  5. marciana valdez

    very nice and amazing pictures i love them so much thank you

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