17 Yummy Nutella Pictures

One of the best inventions of man kind has to be Nutella. It was created by a man named Pietro Ferrero, who was a pastry maker in the 1940′s. At that time, there was a shortage of cocoa due to the rationing of World War II, so this genius used hazelnuts to add substance to the spread and to extend their chocolate supply. Now, Nutella is a popular addition to everything. It’s great plain, in coffee, as cupcake frosting, and filling for sandwiches. Here are 17 pictures of Nutella from a photographer’s point of view.

Nutella 350 g

Nutella 350 g by Azat Akhyarov

nutella cinnamon rolls

nutella cinnamon rolls by Alexis Lamster

Tentazione irresistibile...

Tentazione irresistibile... by Enrico Matteucci


nutella. by allison.hare

nutella brownie muffins

nutella brownie muffins by Saaleha Bamjee


Nutella by Emily Hildebrand

My Ex

My Ex by insane gal

Nutella spooning

Nutella spooning by Denys Almeida


Untitled by Nellu Mazilu

grilled nutella sandwich

grilled nutella sandwich by Alexis Lamster


Nutella by Frédéric BISSON

Nutella. 38-365.

Nutella. 38-365. by Kevin K


8hrbread4 by Alice Carrier

Peanut Butter Nutella Bars

Peanut Butter Nutella Bars by Bobbi Bowers


Nutella by Mads Boedker


Cupcakes by Varin

sweet pile-up

sweet pile-up by Cristeen Quezon

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  1. Guillaume

    Hi, nice pics !!

    Here’s my vision of nutella : http://www.flickr.com/photos/gkuhmel/6023005386/

  2. Harrisburg Photographer

    Who knew the photogenic prowess of Nutella?

  3. katrina

  4. L.Simpson

    Now I really got to Try It ** Awesome!

  5. Kate Buike

    I remember when I discovered Nutella in Germany in the 1980′s, before I ever saw it in the USA. My first thought was it gave the Germans an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast!

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