18 Awesome Grasshopper Pictures

A massive swarm of desert locusts descended on Egypt this past weekend, leading to some incredible video footage and pictures of the noisy bugs. If you wish you’d been there to capture the scene, perhaps you can take comfort in photographing your seemingly benign local grasshoppers, which are closely related to desert locusts. Just imagine the sound and appearance of one grasshopper, multiplied by 30 million…

Sauterelle grasshopper

Sauterelle by Francesco Formisano Philippe Busser


Hopper by Bethany Helzer


Grasshopper by Jetty Kolobaric

green grasshopper

Lime Green Grasshopper on a Red Rose by John Bush

Grasshopper Studies His Reflection

Grasshopper Studies His Reflection by Adrienne

Autumnal grasshopper

Autumnal grasshopper by Gilles San Martin


Friend or Foe by William Cho

Differential Grasshopper

Differential Grasshopper by Mike Keeling

Green on orange grasshopper

Green on orange by

The Insects' World

The Insects’ World by William Cho

Monkey grasshopper

Monkey grasshopper by Geoff Gallice

Hangin' on grasshopper

Hangin’ on by James Jordan


Image by isado

Smiler grasshopper

Smiler by Joe


Grasshopper by Rex Boggs

Peekaboo grasshopper, a cute bug it is.

Peekaboo grasshopper, a cute bug it is. by  Chua, 18 years old in June 2013 

Go green grasshopper

Go green… by

grasshopper alien

Alien by Lida Rose

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Dinesh Pratap Upadhyay

Excellent photos.

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