18 Awesome Pictures of Red Lips

Red lips are a fascinating photo subject on their own, but they can also bring portraits up a notch without any extra effort. You can match red lips with surrounding objects, or contrast them against neutral colors for an especially striking photo.

red lipe

Valentine's Kiss by Jude McConkey

red lips

Red Lips by Melissa Dale

red lips piercing

She Wore Crimson by Violet Bella

red lips

Three Women by Elle Moss

red lips

Secret by Elle Moss

red lip heart

Kiss (black and white) by Elle Moss

red lips

Something to Confess by Anais Gómez-C

red lips

Me as a geisha by Francisca Ulloa

red lips

11/365 Refugee by Kristina Ruth

red lips

Image by Michel van de Wiel

red lips Harajuku Girl

Harajuku Girl by Pieterjan Vandaele

red lips

Light/Dark by Francisca Ulloa

red lips

She Thinks by Kasia

red lips

Snowed by Chantel Beam

red lips

Self Portrait by Chantel Beam

red lips mirror

another day in quicksand by fedewild

red lips

Lilah (Atsuko Kudo) by Fetish Art Identification Search

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  1. Marco

    Sexy lips!

  2. Sala

    Very Nice

  3. shroti

    Photos by Chantel Beam are most enchanting – of two lady lips and self-portrait…..I also liked the idea of last pic by Nina Mathews. thnx for sharing.

  4. saeide

    Thanks for ur excellent pictures.i found more tban I expected.

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