18 Beautiful Pictures of Wrinkles

At first glance, wrinkles are not what one would call beautiful. But, behind each wrinkle is a story, trial, or memory that makes a face winkled by time beautiful. Here are 18 pictures of wrinkles.

The Half-Smiled Fisherman

The Half-Smiled Fisherman by Nishanth Jois

worry lines

worry lines by Bryan Rosengrant

tummy time

tummy time by george ruiz

Apathy is Me

Apathy is Me by Lemuel Cantos

My mother's hands

My mother's hands by Amy Clarke

My Grandmother

My Grandmother by pearllawphoto

aussie, pipe

aussie, pipe by Mat Tyrrell

Wrinkled thumb

Wrinkled thumb by Mr Seb


bakpin by Gem Paula Lucero

withering depths

withering depths by charlene

Ketsana typhoon

Ketsana typhoon by Bùi Linh Ngân

helping hand

helping hand by jenny downing


Wrinkled by Caitlin Regan

Old Farmer

Old Farmer by NeilsPhotography

Forever indebted

Forever indebted by NeilsPhotography


Chip by Werwin15

Masarwa man

Masarwa man by jonrawlinson


jcsupersmoker by Walter Watzpatzkowski

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
I love it, the idea. So human. Especialy the Chinese ones.

Jaco Herbst

Truly inspirational. I’m just a very amateur photographer and love pics of the elder.

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