18 Colorful Pictures of Paint and Paintbrushes

Paintbrushes and paint are used most often to create art. Here, through a camera lens, they become their own colorful works of art.

Watercolour paint

Watercolours by Tony Hisgett

paint brush paintbrushes

Paint With Me by Jeff Golden

paint brush paintbrushes

For The Painter by Ana

paint brush

Sundried Brushes by Kris O’Neal


Colorful Palette by Eric May

paint brush paintbrushes

Painting in the past by Angelo Amboldi

Paintbrushes paint brush

Paintbrushes by John Morgan

Water Color watercolor paint

Water Color by Nana B Agyei


Paints by Akash Kataruka

Watercolor paint

Watercolors by Kim Fearheiley

paint brush

Artist’s Calm by Carla Dyck

paint palette brush

paint palette by Heather Jacobson

Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Paints by M. Elizabeth

paint brush paintbrushes

The Artists Brushes by Missy Corrales

paint brush paintbrushes

Artist Brush by Kris O’Neal

paint brush paintbrushes

WALL PAINTS by ruth hill radcliffe

paint brush paintbrushes

Painting by Tamara Lee

paint brush paintbrushes

Quit Lying Around by Beca

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  1. Lisa Gangji

    As an artist and amateur photographer I thank you for these lovely photos.

  2. Suhasini Srihari

    Colourful! :)

  3. The Soul Explorer

    Love all the photos!

  4. Carla Dyck

    What a beautiful post on a beautiful blog! Thank you for including me. It is an honor.
    Be well,

  5. myrtle

    Great! Such a wonderful images.=D

  6. madhukar paranjape

    Very lovely pictures. Good ideas well explored.


    its interesting and colorful.

  8. Rita Pattnaik

    Great Idea …and these photos are very vibrant and colourful!!!

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