18 Cool Pictures of Clownfish

Fish aren’t usually ‘cute’, but clownfish are an exception. They’re so tiny and colorful, and they have an adorable way of hiding in anemones (or trying to hide), peeking out with only their heads. They’re a cool fish to find and photograph while diving or just while visiting an aquarium.

Nemo clownfish

Nemo by Kevin Klöcker


Hello There by Joshua Nguyen

Clownfish in host anemone

Clownfish in host anemone by Larry Gohl


To the surface by Tori Gemme


Finding Nemo by Judy Whitton

Clown Fish

This is my house – Clown Fish by Dominic Scaglioni

Aquarium de Monaco clownfish

Aquarium de Monaco by Starsammy


who the fu&% is nemo? by Toni


Nemo by Roy Chan

Clown Fish

Clown Fish by Jeff Kubina

clownfish aquarium

Roppongi by ajari

Emo Clownfish

Emo Clownfish by Jayvee Fernandez

Anemone Fish protecting it's spawn

Anemone Fish protecting it’s spawn by Silke Baron

Clownfisch/ Anemonenfisch

Clownfisch/ Anemonenfisch by Martin Fisch

nemo en su anémona de mar * 'pez payaso'

nemo en su anémona de mar * ‘pez payaso’ by jacinta lluch valero

Lonely fish clownfish

Lonely fish… by Jenny


Clown Fish

Clown Fish by Anita Ritenour

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