18 Cool Pictures of Icelandic Turf Houses

Iceland is one of the best locations for landscape photography, and it seems like there’s no limit to the great pictures coming out of the country. It has beautiful waterfalls, majestic horses, and a vibrant capital city, but its traditional architecture is interesting too. Old Icelandic buildings are covered with grass and blend into their surroundings, like ‘real’ hobbit homes.

Charming Turf Houses Iceland

Charming Turf Houses by rugaphoto

Turf Houses of Iceland

Turf Houses of Iceland by Nostalgia Captured

A Home in the Grass Iceland turf houses

A Home in the Grass by Tania Cardenas

Turf House

Turf House by Ann Winston

Turf Houses in Iceland

Turf Houses in Iceland by Wendy Crockett

Turf Barn Iceland

Barn (?) by Alan Levine

Vidimyri Back Wall Turf House

Vidimyri Back Wall by Chris

Skaftafell Icelandic Turf Houses

Skaftafell by Ulrich Latzenhofer

Hof iceland turf house

Hof by Johan Wieland

laufas iceland turf houses

laufas by Steve L. Martin

Icelandic Turf House

Image by Thomas Ormston

Traditional Icelandic houses

Traditional Icelandic houses by MindsEye_PJ

Sheep shed Iceland

Sheep shed by Vera & Jean-Christophe

Traditional Icelandic house

Traditional Icelandic house by MindsEye_PJ

Old Icelandic Buildings

Old Icelandic Buildings by almassengale

old house in Iceland

old house in Iceland by Lydur Skulason

Old church in Iceland

Old church in Iceland by Lydur Skulason

icelandic turf houses

Protected by nature by Damien Firmenich

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These photographs are very beautiful. I love the roofs on the homes!

Les W.

Lovely photographs. Reminded me of my mother who grew up living in a grass shack in Okinawa, Japan.


aaaaaa… i love the grass.

subodh chopra

beautiful photographs

Carol Vipperman

Wonderful photographs! I am actually going there next September on A Rick Sammon workshop, so these inspire me to keep saving!

Raissa Verblenden

this is really amazing! reminds me a lot of the work of bernd and hilla becher

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