18 Cool Pictures of People Crossing the Street

There’s nothing more pedestrian (literally and figuratively) than crossing the street. Around the age of ten, we start crossing automatically, which is natural for something you’ve done hundreds or thousands of times before. But photographs of those moments can reveal a lot about a person–rushing, cautious, reckless, patient. Have a look at these 19 pictures, each offering small insights into someone’s day.

Crossing in rain street

Crossing in rain by Luke Ma

street zebra squared crossing walk

zebra squared by ukg.photographer

street Duffle Bag crossing walk

Duffle Bag by Jim Pennucci

street heels crossing walk

heels by Alex

street Lunch Rush! crossing walk

Lunch Rush! by RobeRt Vega

street Hand in Hand crossing walk

Hand in Hand by Garry Knight

street single mom crossing walk

single mom by Ariel Leuenberger

Crossing the Street...

Crossing the Street… by Thomas Leuthard

Texting & Crossing... street walk

Texting & Crossing… by RYA Photography

sunset zebra boots street walk

sunset zebra boots by Shuji Moriwaki

It's all about the swagger crossing walk street

It’s all about the swagger by digitalpimp.

Causeway Bay as seen from the tram street crossing walk

Causeway Bay as seen from the tram by Andreas

PsycoInter crossing walk street

PsycoInter by isabella

Napoli street cross walk

Napoli street by Angelo DeSantis

It's a raining day cross walk street

It’s a raining day by faungg’s photo

zebra crossing

zebra crossing by *sean

Crossing street walk

Crossing by Enric Fradera

Tokyo! street walk crossing

Tokyo! by Vincent van der Pas

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Jay Long

Great stuff. Very inspirational, indeed.

Laura from Ld Nature Photography

What a fabulous compilation. The composition on these photos are fabulous and unique. I pinned it so I can go back and look at them again and again for, as another said, inspiration!

Luis Fernández

It is an offense not to have put this photo:

And many more ….

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