18 Cute Pictures of Baby Turtles

Baby turtles are possibly the most adorable reptiles—as adorable as reptiles can be. Evidence: these 18 photos.

Baby Sea Turtles

Baby Seat Turtles by fotoblossoms

Baby Sea Turtle

Baby Sea Turtle by fotoblossoms

Baby Sea Turtles

Baby Sea Turtles by fotoblossoms

Baby turtle walking

Baby Steps by SingingPhotographer

baby sea turtle

we too, should have rights by mosdurf

baby sea turtle

Barbados 2009 by Ben Ramirez

swimming baby turtle

Image by dying regime

Threatened baby bog turtle

Threatened baby bog turtle by USFWS Endangered Species

Baby Sea Turtle

Baby Sea Turtle by Cj Jimenez

baby sea turtle

Baby turtle by Jon Rawlinson

baby sea turtles

Synchronized Swimming by Bill Hails

baby sea turtles

March of the Baby Turtles by Scott Robinson

baby sea turtles

Hatching out! An African Spur-Thigh Tortoise by Cheryl

baby sea turtles

Tartaruga verde bebê 1 / Baby green turtle 1 by Márcio Cabral de Moura

baby sea turtle

Baby sea turtle heading for the surf 2 by Chad Teer

baby snapper turtle

baby snapper by Clay Junell

Baby turtle

Baby turtle by きうこ

Baby Sea Turtles

Baby Turtles by ajburcar

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  1. Ferocious Butterfly

    OMG I love turtles soo much and these are the cutest :D

  2. turtle lover

    #16 is a softshell not a snapper

  3. Miranda Fea Elizabeth Johnson


  4. sarah anne edmonson

    so cute

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