18 Delicious Cake Pictures

Good cake pictures have the ability to make your mouth water and your stomach rumble. Here are 18 delicious pictures that do just that.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake by Will Clayton

Cup Cake Magnolia Bakery

Cup Cake Magnolia Bakery by Yannick Garcia

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake by Cat

Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake by poppet with a camera


Untitled by Aih.


Untitled by Tracy Hunter

Gâteau mousse de Framboise

Gâteau mousse de Framboise by Ruby Ran

choc-o-late cake please

choc-o-late cake please by darwin Bell


the stranglers:golden brown

the stranglers:golden brown by Lali Masriera


Untitled by Aih.

Ipod touch cake

Ipod touch cake by Fays cakes

Frank Gehry Wedding Cake

Frank Gehry Wedding Cake by Andrew Morrell

Make a Wish...

Make a Wish...by Theresa Thompson


Candles by Joey Gannon

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake by Steven Depolo

Cake & Shake Cupcake Cart at the Met

Cake & Shake Cupcake Cart at the Met by Pam Lau

Strawberry Scape

Strawberry Scape by Jeff Golden

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake by Shelley Panzarella

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