18 Excellent Infrared Pictures

Infrared photography is one of those techniques you either love or hate. Perhaps these 18 pictures can convince you that IR is worth trying out. (If so, tutorial9, wrotniak, and even us can give you some beginner’s tips.)

Granc Cypress by Kyle May

Jacaranda Trees by Luis Argerich

The Chinese Pavilion by Luis Argerich

Image by josef.stuefer

cinta fitri #2 by Prayoga D. Widyanto

casa loma - ir by paul (dex)

golden waterfall by paul (dex)

Behind the Haunted Wood by Neal Fowler

Kill Bill. by Nathan Hayag

White Edge Trig Point by Dave Wild

The immigrants look to the U.S. She looks to France. by Alan Strakey

Leave it all. by Nathan Hayag

Lake eerie. by Nathan Hayag

summertime blues by Jes

A Pathway to Heaven by Riza Nugraha 

Allotment by 1banaan

San Isidro Infrared Panorama by Luis Arderich

Ceibo Tree by Luis Argerich

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