18 Excellent Pictures of Carousels

Carousels can be found in every season and are a predictable part of carnivals, fairs and festivals. With their kitschy details and bright lights, they can be difficult photography subjects. You can focus on their spin, contrast them against the sky, or make them faint and blurry, like a memory. In any case, being a photographer allows you to ride the carousel with dignity, whatever your age.

Romantic Dreams carousel

Romantic Dreams by elgarboart

Carousel - Paris in the Springtime- Charmed

Charmed by Alicia Bock


Carousal by Michele Streb

Avignon Carousel

Avignon Carousel by Lupen Grainne

Carousel Hearts

Carousel Hearts by Erin Reynolds

La Giostra carousal

La Giostra by Robert Crum


Carousel by magalerie

Return To The Dream carousel

Return To The Dream by Carl Christensen

Driving School carousel

Driving School by Christian Senger

Relativity and photography

Relativity and photography by Kevin Dooley


Merry-Go-Round by Guwashi999

Love Is On The Move

Love Is On The Move by Vinoth Chandar


Carousel by Alberto P. Veiga


Carousel by Dominic Alves

Sneaking a Peek Through the Glass

Sneaking a Peek Through the Glass by Kate Mereand-Sinha

The Swing Carousel

The Swing Carousel by Stig Nygaard

Altro giro altra corsa

Altro giro altra corsa by Piermario


Carrousel by Karina A

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