18 Interesting Pictures of Antler Racks

When antlers are viewed alone, without deer, elk or moose in the picture, they can seem surreal, like fragments of a ghost animal. This strangeness, along with their unique shape, can make antlers an especially interesting addition to portraits, still lifes, and pictures with shadows.

14 antlers

14 by Raceytay

Deer Sweet antlers

Deer Sweet by Jessica Torres


Antler by Jessica Torres

Antler Shed

Antler Shed by Lucy Snowe

After the Fall elk antlers

After the Fall by Traci Suzanne Marvel

Beasts of Yore

Beasts of Yore by Kira Sheker

Chateau Chambord, Antlers

Chateau Chambord, Antlers by Elizabeth Germo

Rainbow Antlers

Rainbow Antlers by Gillian

antler flowers

antler no.6986 by kari herer

I believe antlers alaska

I believe by Nasuġraq

Give me a Buck antler

Give me a Buck by Jenn Nash

Woodland Wedding antler

Woodland Wedding by Lucy Snowe


MORGAN by Julie Robertson


Antlers by Jennika Baley and Chandra Carson

Вeer antler

Вeer antler by Zaytsev Artem

Lost Antler

Lost Antler by Jeff

deer antler

Image by Danielle Moler

Why am I a Deer

Why am I a Deer by Kirstin Turnbull

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