18 Interesting Pictures of Oil in Water

Mixing fluids, such as ink and water, and oil and water, make great textures and shapes to put into your photography. Here are 18 interesting pictures of oil in water.

Olive oil

Olive oil by Tétine

Oil and Water refraction

Oil and Water refraction by Peter Roberts

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion by Reilly Butler

Juice Bubbles

Juice Bubbles by Peter Roberts

Planet marbles

Planet marbles by Marlon Bunday

Devil's in the detail

Devil's in the detail by Marlon Bunday

oil abstract: aspheres of influence

oil abstract: aspheres of influence by David Hart

Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave by George Vnoucek


Bubbles by Leo McCourt


Wonderland by Neal Fowler


Circles by Aparna E.


Fire by Karin Dalziel

Oil and Water

Oil and Water by Neil Piddock

Whose that girl

Whose that girl by Marlon Bunday

Olio e acqua

Olio e acqua by Alessandro Prada

Olio e acqua

Olio e acqua by Alessandro Prada

Olive oil bubble variations

Olive oil bubble variations by fdecomite

Strange Life

Strange Life by Abby

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