18 Lovely Path Pictures

Paths lead us through all kinds of events and scenery, and they give us perfect opportunities to get in a great shot. Next time you’re on a walk, take a shot like one of these 18 lovely path pictures.


Untitled by Marc Wilson-Blackburn

let's get lost into the nature...

let's get lost into the nature... by ashraful kadir

Until You Return

Until You Return by Earl Wilkerson

Waiting for a Little Red Hood

Waiting for a Little Red Hood by Olgierd Rudak

The Path

The Path by Mike Tungate


Untitled by Brenda Clarke

a sunny autumn day in the forest

a sunny autumn day in the forest by Mathias Erhart


Path by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

nature's painting

nature's painting by paul bica

New Forest Landscape

New Forest Landscape by davidgsteadman

Old Path

Old Path by David Reber

An apple alley

An apple alley by Vladimir Agafonkin

Make your own path

Make your own path by Bala

The last part of the walk

The last part of the walk by Tambako The Jaguar


Loneliness by Alexander Boden

A New Path

A New Path by Steve Jurvetson

Green Path

Green Path by Randen Pederson

The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path by Stuart Richards

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Mark Kalan

I respectfully submit: http://bit.ly/j1tBpm


Taking path pictures are very cool when it is close to nature. I want to take some shots of it too someday. So sad we are living in a city with no paths at all. Fotografi Rox

Actor Headshots

Wow!nice shots! You took your picture very professionally.. I’m a professional photographer as well and I appreciate your cool work of art.


These photo’s are stunning! You’ve captured the colors beautifully. 🙂
I love nature, and path pictures are mysteriously inspiring. “Beautiful”

Kind Regards.

david bise

nice pictures !

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