18 Lovely Pictures of Poppy Pods

Poppies usually get the most photographic attention when they’re blooming. However, the bulbous poppy pods that grow after the bright flower petals fall off can also be quite striking, as if the plant has sprouted a flattop haircut and a chubby face.

September Frost poppy pod

September Frost by Lupen Grainne

Poppy - Mint

Poppy – Mint by Lupen Grainne

poppy pod

Thoughtful by Tamara Lee

poppy pods

Fade Away… by VictoriaEnglishCharm

Poppy Pods in Blue

Poppy Pods in Blue by Tonja Sell

Bouquet of Pods

Bouquet of Pods by Lupen Grainne

dried poppy pods

Last Year. by Jacqueline Jean

poppy pod

poppy pod by Erin Johnson

dried poppy pods

Last year by Lupen

Seeds poppy pods

Seeds by Tamara Lee

poppy pods

Image by janeeturr92

poppy pod

Untitled by mike epp

Pod - poppy pod

Pod – poppy by Wayne Noffsinger

poppy pods blues

poppy blues by OliBac

poppy pod

Untitled by Nomadic Lass

Poppies Pod

Poppies Pod by Wee Keat Chin

poppy pods

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 1 by aussiegall

Poppy Pod

Poppy Pod by Wee Keat Chin

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Erin J

Thank you so much!


Beautiful and dreamy images

Jacqueline Jean

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for featuring my photo! There’s a lot of good work here, it’s nice to be included among this group of artists!

Kelly U.

These are lovely photos. We really don’t have any poppy’s here in Houston, so it all looks so exotic. I love the coloring of all of the photos. Gives it an antique feel.


I didn’t know growing Opium was so legal in so many places??

Lupen Grainne

Gorgeous collection of poppies ! Thank you so much for including some of mine 😉 They are all so beautiful and interesting !

rahmat ali sikder khokon

poppy tree looks beautiful but it is denzarous for health.

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