18 Nice Nuclear Plant Pictures

Nuclear plants have received a lot of bad press lately for Fukushima, Chernobyl and whatnot. However, despite their catastrophic tendencies, nuclear plants do have a certain charm. As you can see from the pictures below, nuclear facilities, like factories, can be very photogenic.

Roadside Fission by Thomas Anderson

Illinois Gothic by Doug Bowman

Twilight by Nicholas

nuclear power plant "Isar 2" by Bjoern Schwarz

Unit 2 - Three Mile Island by Richard Owens

Steam from Philippsburg nuclear power plant by Dmitry Klimenko

Reactor 5&6 Cooling Tower 02 by Timm Suess

Reactor 5&6 Cooling Tower 01 by Timm Suess

Cofrentes by Toni Rodrigo

Nuclear power plant "Isar" at night by Bjoern Schwarz

Atomkraft am Morgen by Michael Bieniek

TVA nuclear plant by TVA Web Team

caravan by Photocapy

Satsop Nuclear Power Plant by HeyRocker

Desert sunset with nuclear plant by Tobin

Nuclear power plant "Isar " Panorama by Bjoern Schwarz

Image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Welcome to Springfield ... Dhou! St Laurent Des Eaux! by Julien H

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stenberg kaith b. serenuela
stenberg kaith b. serenuela

the 18 photos of nuclear energy is very nice and i like it i amaze them and not only the photos the all name who name in any pictures that you see and that all thank you……….

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