18 Nostalgic VW Bus Pictures

Officially called the ‘Volkswagen Type 2,’ the roomy VW bus/van can make you feel like going on a long road trip, camping and beach bumming the entire way. Although it’s a famous icon for hippies and surfers, it’s really a nostalgic vehicle for everyone. Whether broken-down and rusty or shining like new, it brings back the feeling of summer along with the ‘flower power’ of the 60’s and 70’s.

Volkswagen Van

Volkswagen Van by Donna Geissler

VW van

Surf’s Up Bro by hisampersandhers

Surfer Van VW

Surfer Van by Elgarbo Art

Polaroid VW Van

Polaroid VW Van by kristen aka acukiki

VW van

VW by September Wren

blue VW van

Dream Drive by Navy Louise

VW Van Memories

VW Memories by Jane Heller

rusty vw van

One-Eyed Wagon by Sheri L. Wright

Volkswagon Van

Volkswagon Van by Kim Olszewski

Beach Wagon VW

Beach Wagon by Elgarbo Art

Vintage Volkswagon

Vintage Volkswagon by September Wren

Retro VW van

Retro VW by Debbra Obertanec

Hippie Breakdown VW Van

Hippie Breakdown by Scott Board

vw van

vw by shannon blue

VW van

mums birthday by emilyrachelmartin

Hippie VW van

Hippie VW 1 by Marshall Astor

josh falk VW van

josh falk by andrew hutchison

VW Camper Van August 1977

VW Camper Van August 1977 by Ben30

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Tareq allahou

I love vw is the best

Lynn clayton

I really enjoyed the collection, the closeup views seemed a little disruptive as a set of work..maybe more of them or a separate group… Anyway the set was notalgic and i would like to know if you took all of these or collected them??

Judy Lindo

Wow, trip down memory lane…thanks!

Scott Board

Great collection. Thanks for including my image!

Daniel Lobo

I have a photo of a VW on my website: http://www.lobography.com/still-life/

Definitely my dreamed car!


Awesome! i’ve always love the VW vintage bus….=D

Jason Bell-Davey

I love these cars. Here is one I came across in Sydneys Northern beaches.


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