18 Pictures of Yummy Bowls of Cereal

Some may say that cereal isn’t the best breakfast food, that something like pancakes or fruit smoothies are much better. Maybe those people are right, but as long as cereal only has two ingredients and is full of fun shapes, it’ll be a favorite–even for lunch and dinner.

fruit loops

fruit loops by Carmyn Joy

cereals an blueberries bowl

cereals an blueberries bowl by Linda Raymond

Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl by Elizabeth

Fruit Loop Cereal Art

Fruit Loop Cereal Art by Kim Fearheiley

a spoonful of cereal

a spoonful of cereal by crissy

Happy Breakfast

Happy Breakfast II by Katerina

A Colorful Breakfast

A Colorful Breakfast by JaxImagery

cereal bowl

winding down by Robert S. Donovan

Rise and Shine breakfast cereal

Rise and Shine by kelsey_lovefusionphoto

By Dawn's Early Light breakfast cereal

By Dawn’s Early Light by jfpeck

cereal splashing milk

#8 Touchdown by thebarrowboy

That's life cereal

That’s life by wsilver

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner cereal

6/52 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by Kurtis Garbutt

breakfast cereal

death cab for cutie: title and registration by Lali Masriera

Corn Flakes Cereal with Blueberries

Corn Flake Cereal with Blueberries by TheBusyBrain

Cereal bowl spiral

Cereal bowl spiral by theilr

Morning bowl of cereal

Morning bowl of cereal by Charles Knowles

empty cereal bowl

missing something by Jennifer Donley

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Christy Harper

Thanks for the post, good stuff 🙂


Great pics! Do you submit them to photostock or any site where you can sell them?

Amy Collins

I’ve recently started blogging – recording my year in photos.
I’ve really enjoyed looking through these posts. Who know a bowl of cereal could look so great.
Maybe that could be my photo of the day tomorrow!

Thanks for the inspiration.

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