18 Pictures with a Pretty Lens Flare

A good lens flare should be cherished. It’s a great way to create a pleasant mood or draw attention to a little detail in the photo. Some of the flares in these shots are really subtle, but they add an extra touch that improves the picture as a whole.

Lens Flare Fielld

Lens Flare… by ObjektivKRAFT

Lens Flare Woman

My Assistant by Jonathan Kos-Read

Lens Flare Twig with drops

lens flare magic by liz west

Lens Flare Leaves on the Ground

Untitled by Dávid Sterbik

Lens Flare Grass seed head

Grass seed head by Samuel John

Lens Flare Girl before Mountains

My Amazing Girlfriend by Caden Crawford

Lens Flare Couple Hugging

Gonna Miss You Babe!! <3 by Caden Crawford[/caption] [caption id="attachment_53423" align="alignnone" width="640"]Lens Flare Bridge A Stroll from Cambridge to Boston Series by Soe Lin

Lens Flare Flock of Birds

Untitled by tecrekka

Lens Flare Woman

Untitled by Demi-Brooke

Lens Flare Actor

Me by Jonathan Kos-Read

Lens Flare Woman

Flare! lens flare… 🙁 by Mustafa Sayed

Lens Flare Woman

Seize the day by A. Pagliaricci ♦

Lens Flare Woman

Umbrella by {Charlotte.Morrall}

Lens Flare Amsterdam Houses

Fish does condos by Kevin Dooley

Lens Flare Taxi

Hopscotch. by digitalpimp.

Lens Flare Basketball Ring

Midnight Game by Jonathan Kos-Read

Lens Flare Metallica Concert

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 by Christian Holmér

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SLR Coaching

These just came up in my twitter feed and I’m glad they did! My favourite is the second one but they’re all great examples of how lens flair can really add something to your photos. Thanks for the inspiration!

Misael Castro

This is an example too!!! Cheers!!!


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