18 Refreshing Water Droplet Photos

The summer season is approaching. I enjoy the warm weather and my mindset shifts to different subjects with the change in temperature. There is something refreshing about looking at pretty cool pictures of water droplets on a warm day. Maybe not as cool as actually jumping into water, but you can do that after you’re done looking at these.

Liquid Dream

Liquid Dream by Giovanni Orlando


Perfection by Giovanni Orlando

macro water drop

macro water drop by Tanya Puntti

Droplet Queen

Droplet Queen by Cesar Cabrera

After the Rain

After the Rain by Toni Verdú Carbó

water droplet

Pink Plastic Paper Water drops by Nick Harris

Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader by Cesar Cabrera


Waterdrop by Erik Söderström

the drop

the drop by Dave Campbell

Nature's Secret

Nature's Secret by Cesar Cabrera

Twitter 365 Project - Day 71

Twitter 365 Project - Day 71 by Richard Giles

drops of spring

drops of spring by Steve Wall


Heuchera by MaxBlack



water droplets

Raindrops by John Morgan


Droplet by Mamz Hu

Water Droplets

Water Droplets by Joe Avanzato

High Speed

High Speed by Danny Chan

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