18 Spooky Pictures of Dark Woods

With The Hobbit coming out in theaters, we can once again enjoy beautiful views of New Zealand on the big screen: snowy mountains, lush green fields, and, of course, deep dark forests. Even if you don’t care for hobbits or dwarves, such amazing scenery is worth seeing.

Norway impressions V

Norway impressions V by Vladimir Longauer

Misty Woodland

Misty Woodland by Al Brydon

Treading softly

Treading softly by shashamane

Voices in the mist

Voices in the mist by Stephania Dapolla

A Forest

A Forest by Al Brydon

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness by Danae

Dark Forest

Dark Forest by M. Elizabeth

Fog Through the Trees

Fog Through the Trees by Sue

Where's the white rabbit?

Where’s the white rabbit? by Sparks of Fire

A Light To Guide You Home

A Light To Guide You Home by Caryn Drexl


Fallen by Alexander Boden

In The Woods

In The Woods by Alexander Boden

You could see until the other end

You could see until the other end by 1banaan

The Entrance

The Entrance by Alexander Boden

deep dark forest

Premade BG 74 by Brenda Clarke

On A Dark Trail

On A Dark Trail by Alexander Boden

The Dark Heart (of the Forest)

The Dark Heart (of the Forest) by Alexander Boden

dark forest

Self by Nathan O’Nions

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I was wondering how you get the coloration and lightening(what ISO, F-stop, and shutter speed) do you use on the “where’s the white rabbit” picture.

The Soul Explorer

Love it!

rahmat ali sikder

Beautiful lovely picture

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