18 Vibrant Pictures of Saris

Saris are recognized around the world as the epitome of Indian women’s fashion. These brightly colored strips of fabric of up to nine yards long can be worn in more than 80 different ways, and have been worn for over 4,000 years. As they probably were eons ago, saris are magnificent today. Seen as a group, the variety of color astounds, and you can’t help but want to capture the vibrant hues on film.

women walking in Varanasi sari

women walking in Varanasi by Leilani Leszkay

India Women - Morning Bath at the Ganges River sari

India Women – Morning Bath at the Ganges River by Jill Montoni

Sari and Tea

Sari and Tea by Jonathan Kingston

Courtyard Saris

Courtyard Saris by Jonathan Kingston

brightly garbed Rajasthani women pilgrims sari

brightly garbed Rajasthani women pilgrims by McKay Savage

women in dwarkadheesh temple sari

women in dwarkadheesh temple by anurag agnihotri


Pushkar Shoppers by Koshy Koshy

Nick Drake Revisited sari woman

Nick Drake Revisited by Mark Robinson

Saris drying

Saris drying by Nomad Tales

Parade 15 sari women

Parade 15 by Trish Coxe

Sari Cloth Seller in New Delhi

Sari Cloth Seller in New Delhi by Peter Rivera

two girls sari

two girls by anurag agnihotri

Stacked Saris

Stacked Saris by Indi Samarajiva

Vendeurs de saris

Vendeurs de saris by Yohann Legrand

Drying saris in Varanasi

Drying saris in Varanasi by Brian Holsclaw

All saris must dry

All saris must dry by Nico Crisafulli


Sari by Yohann Legrand

Little India sari

Little India by Sally

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Alexander John

Wow! Amazing!


I’m glad you like my pictures 🙂

Lee Harth

Enjoyed the look! Excellent!

hena tayeb

Gorgeous. The first two are my favorite.

gopal shroti

Liked the photographs Nick Drake revisited by Mark Robinson and Women in Dwarkadheesh temple by Anurag Agnihotri. thnx for showcasing.

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