19 Astonishing Northern Lights Pictures

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is nature’s own spectacular fireworks show on display in the colder places on Earth. It’s definitely worth a view, judging from these pictures. For those of you who do not like the cold we recommend the Southern Lights; and wherever you go we recommend you bring a camera.

Northern Lights

Geomagnetic Storm In Progress by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Northern Lights

Tuktoyaktuk Aurora January 24, 2011a by Francis Anderson

Northern Lights

Close Encounters of the Aurora Kind 05 by Francis Anderson

Northern Lights

Heavenly Shape 1 by Nick Russill

Northern Lights

Northern Light At Easter Eve I by P J Hansen

Northern Lights

Aurora IV by David Gil

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis - Bear Lake, Alaska by Joshua Strang

Northern Lights

Aurora borealis - Hattavarre - Troms by Thomas Roskifte

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Greenland by Nick Russill

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Kulusuk by Nick Russill

Northern Lights

Image by Francis Anderson

Northern Lights

Grace Lake Aurora by Natalia Robba

Northern Lights

Grace Lake Aurora 2 by Natalia Robba

Northern Lights

Aurora Rays by Samuel Blanc/www.sblanc.com

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Tromso by Gunnar Hildonen

Northern Lights

Three friends watch Northern Lights, Greenland by Nick Russill

northern lights

Northern Lights by PJ Hansen

Northern Lights

Image by Francis Anderson

Northern Lights

Northen Lights (Aurora Borealis) by Nick Russill

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  1. @_JJunior


  2. jim brompton

    I also love photographing the northern lights. Have a look at some new shots on my web page. All images are copyrighted. Enjoy
    Thanks for your site to view other photos.



  4. harcharan singh

    love picture send me i want forward my friends

  5. Nancy Webster

    I saw the Northern Lights when I was 14, at Interlochen, Michigan. We were outside, stretched out our backs looking up at this miraculous sight…. I can close my eyes and remember it still, more than 50 years later !!

  6. Faran kamal Ahmad

    I love this pics .

  7. mohamed



    thanks for as beautiful photograph northern lights.I never seen it .Ienjoyed .

  9. Kacie Rimarcik

    soooooooooooooooooooo butiful and i know i spelt butiful wrong

  10. Natalia Robba

    Awesome pictures! So glad to see some of mine up there =) Feel free to browse the Aurora section of my website and share if you like them.

  11. Jaime Gil

    yo soy un principiante en esto/amateur.

  12. Francis Anderson

    Thank you for the add. Great to see a few of my pics in the company of other amazing Aurora photos. You may wish to see more of my Aurora photography at these website’s https://www.facebook.com/SavillePhoto or


  13. stan

    How do we know these aren’t all fake? There is way more evidence (visual and other) for extraterrestrial aircraft than there is for these lights, and we all know UFOs aren’t real.

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