19 Beautiful Pictures of Baby Horses

Horses are majestic creatures. But foals, or baby horses, aren’t quite there yet. They’re still trying to figure out how to use their long legs and if it’s okay for them to venture away from mom. No matter if they’re sticking close, or trying out their new freedom, foals make for beautiful photography subjects.

kids friends baby horse foal

kids friends by U.S. Fotografie

Mother and Child Union baby horse foal

Mother and Child Union by Steve Corey

The Protective Mother baby horse foal

The Protective Mother by
Linda Tanner

Friendly foals baby horse

Friendly foals by Cowboy Dave

baby horse foal Mother & Son - Colts Neck NJ

Mother & Son – Colts Neck NJ by b k

baby horse foal wary

wary by jenny downing

baby horse foal Springtime Nursery - early morning

Springtime Nursery – early morning by b k

baby horse foal Lady, you've got a weird eye!?

Lady, you’ve got a weird eye!? by jinterwas

baby horse New Forest Foal

New Forest Foal by Stuart Webster

baby horse Foal's play

Foal’s play by Eddy Van 3000

baby horse foal Tigger and Gracie

Tigger and Gracie by Bryce Bradford

baby horse Tired foal

Tired foal by Tambako The Jaguar

baby horse foal A Tender Moment

A Tender Moment by PuppiesAreProzac

baby horse foal Wind of freedom

Wind of freedom by Tambako The Jaguar

baby horse foal Jacky & Son Shiner

Jacky & Son Shiner by Lucie Provencher

baby horse Foal Portrait

Foal Portrait by Harry Thomas Photography

baby horse foal Meghan & Amoroso

Meghan & Amoroso by Lucie Provencher

baby horse foal Merens

Merens by Grégory Tonon

baby horse foal black and white

black and white by W H

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Laura from Ld Nature Photography

Awww who doesn’t love baby horses! These are great photographs to make you smile. I love all of them, but especially like ‘Mother and Son’, ‘wary’ and ‘Tigger and Grace’. Great shots!

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