19 Colorful Pictures of Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs: that messy, hand staining activity all kids enjoy, followed of course by the traditional hunt on Easter morning. In the end, kids get jelly beans and chocolate, and mom and dad get to consume hard-boiled rainbows for the week following. In the meantime though, Easter eggs make for very colorful photographs.

Easter Eggs no 1

Easter Eggs no 1 by Raceytay

pastel moments easter eggs

pastel moments by agnis

The End Is Heer easter egg

The End Is Heer by Kandyce Holub

Easter cup of tea egg

Easter cup of tea by photographybykarina

egg hunt easter

egg hunt by Robert S. Donovan

Fiesta Eggs easter

Fiesta Eggs by Roger Braunstein

Three Eggs in a Row easter

Three Eggs in a Row by Sarah Palmer

goodbye fiesta easter egg

goodbye fiesta by torbakhopper

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by ganesha.isis

easter egg

Image by Sarah Buckley

Egg Dye ii easter

Egg Dye ii by Matt Batchelor

"puddlejumper" egg easter

“puddlejumper” egg by Nancy Sims

finished! easter egg

finished! by Andrea

Egg Dye easter

Egg Dye by Matt Batchelor

blueberries and beets easter egg

blueberries and beets by Andrea

easter eggs

easter eggs by Alison

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by Carolyn Cochrane

Easter photo egg

Easter photo by Claudia Willison

Three Smiling Eggs easter

Three Smiling Eggs by Malyssa

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Asma Chaieb

I just got enough inspiration to make this Easter special! Thanks 😉


Beautiful colors! Thank you for including my Easter photo, too 🙂


Beautiful eggs! Thanks for sharing these!


thanks for making my easter colourful

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