19 Cool Lego Man Pictures

You know you entertained your youth with little lego men when you were younger; do not deny it. You might have grown out of it by now, but check out these 19 cool pictures from photographers who have kept legos as part of their hobbies.

Forest Man

Forest Man by Asrar Makrani


Spacewalk... by Adriane Dizon

Little Lego Man Discovers the World

Little Lego Man Discovers the World by Marcel Grieder

Green Army Men

Green Army Men by Fritz Park

Lego Man

Lego Man by Dylan Cantwell

Lego Man

Lego Man by Stuart Webster

Big Game Orange Hunter

Big Game Orange Hunter by vertexfiction

Lego Advent(ures)

Lego Advent(ures) by Jenni Douglas


lego-city-folk by Dan Goodwin


Lego! by Dylan Cantwell

Mr Lego

Mr Lego by Chris Isherwood

One red rose

One red rose by Nicola Jones

Indiana Jones Lego Man

Indiana Jones Lego Man by Kevin Botto


Action by jonathanb1989

The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars by Piutus

4WD Lego Man

4WD Lego Man by Jeff

Good versus Evil

Good versus Evil by Markus Lütkemeyer


Lego by Josh Pesavento

Everyone needs a getaway

Everyone needs a getaway by Kenny Louie

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So wonderful@colourful images


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