19 Decent Disposable Camera Pictures

I thought about buying a cheap disposable camera the other day, but I got these looks from some of the customers around me that made me feel like I was from the stone age, so I put it back on the shelf. But after seeing these decent disposable camera pictures, I will proudly make my way to the cashier next time with the intent of mastering the art of taking good photos with a camera that doesn’t cost me thousands of dollars.

disposable camera

image by wearetheweirdos

six in the morning thank you

six in the morning thank you by oskar karlin

Black Fork Bottoms (disposable)

Black Fork Bottoms (disposable) by Tom Hart

disposable camera

image by Tarah Dawdy

The Philosophers Way

The Philosophers Way by André Mouraux

and roll credits

and roll credits by Jim Hejl

On the road

On the road by Amir Kuckovic

Passing moments

Passing moments by Mazda Hewitt


Just... by Tom Hart


web by Tom Hart

The view from the bottom of the pool

The view from the bottom of the pool by Thomas Anderson

disposable camera

image by m. pé

South Loop1

South Loop1 by Thomas Anderson

jumpin' jane flash

jumpin' jane flash by Dimas Ario

Waikiki, 1990's

Waikiki, 1990's by jeff hubbard

the door

the door by Claire

Up the Valley

Up the Valley by SNappa2006

clouds that call the town

clouds that call the town by Ben Silverman

Bow River, Alberta, 1997

Bow River, Alberta, 1997 by Photonguy2009

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Awesome shots !


Disposables are great when the lofi look is used appropriately. Here’s one I took in Kensington.

Stuart Chapman

Love these! Some beautiful moments in there. You should check out Indisposable Concept for hundreds more… Have a great day. Cheers!


disposable can be great for colors and natural effects.
who needs photoshop or instagram!

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