19 Delicious Pictures of Fruit

Fruit is one of my favorite things to eat. I’m sorry if your favorite fruit is missing from this collection, but my mouth was watering from seeing all these great photos so I had to quit and head out to the fruit stand to satisfy my craving before I could finish finding all of the wonderful fruits.

Strawberries by Anushruti RK

Strawberries by Anushruti RK

Grapefruit by Steven Hernandez

Grapefruit by Steven Fernandez

Cherries by Darwin Bell

Cherries by Darwin Bell

Lime by libraryman

Lime by libraryman

Apple by funadium

Apple by funadium

Raspberry by Jeff Kubina

Raspberry by Jeff Kubina

Bananas by [ cas ]
Pomegranate by JOE M500

Pomegranate by JOE M500

Lemon by {platinum}

Lemon by {platinum}

Blueberries by pfala

Blueberries by pfala

Pear by leplaf.geo

Pear by leplaf.geo

Orange by Malkav

Orange by Malkav

Kiwi by Roger Smith

Kiwi by Roger Smith

Watermelon by WTL Photos

Watermelon by WTL Photos

Mango by Mahesh Khanna

Mango by Mahesh Khanna

Grapes by AHMED...

Grapes by AHMED...

Cantalope by Qfamily

Cantalope by Qfamily

Blackberry by Darwin Bell

Blackberry by Darwin Bell

Papaya by cap

Papaya by cap

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  1. wózek dziecięcy

    Fruits seems to be tasty.

  2. Abhishek

    it’s a really unbelievable picture.. wonderful picture i likee too much..!

  3. t.a

    very fresh!! the kiwi is my favorite! so green… amazing photography..

  4. aiva

    i really like the picture of kiwi…

  5. khay

    it’s coooool….

  6. wij

    hmm, it looks so naturally fresh…and taste fruity

  7. Sumit Nag

    Fruits are our natural food. Sadly we have become fond of junk food these days. Fruits can keep many diseases away if taken regularly

  8. ReRe

    Love the picture of the lime and grapes.

  9. Claire

    i really like the lemon picture, the blue background really makes it interesting, it’s simple, but captivating.

  10. d.rraju

    ireally like the fruits pictures

  11. Josh Druck

    This post is a classic. I love these photos. Only nature can produce something so perfect and vibrant.

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Proverb

    Check out more great trivia, pics, and facts @ twitter.com/JoshDruck

  12. maria thereza de barros camargo

    Nature has no hurry because everything in it is working, ready and finished. Maria Thereza Camargo

  13. Chibimanga

    damn really delicious… XD

  14. vaishu

    All the photos are very nice and naturally, now i feel so happy suppose to see the healthy foods.

  15. LIzzie

    The bananas look like a herd of wild animals, majestically riding in to the rising sun.

  16. Sathick

    What about Acai berry? not added in this group of fruits.
    It has wonderful antioxidant fruits than all other fruits and vegetables.

  17. sandy

    fruits are tempting

  18. michael

    mouthwatering pics, very nice

  19. Sudhakar Rao

    Enjoyed the gift of god!!!Excellent Photography!!!

  20. Anon

    This is a wonderful collection of fruit photography you have going on here. Keep up the fantastic work! Much appreciated.

  21. p.murugesan

    Vow…..! beauty means…..FRUITS!

  22. Farzaneh


  23. chithra

    very sweet ..lovable..fresh ……i like it …….

  24. Cris asis

    I really love your photos of sharp and witty angles of mouth- watering fruits. I like the captivating color of lemon and pear. An array of powerful photography.

  25. roxana brandia taylor

    that is sooooooo nice

  26. ahwinahwi tegiri shalom

    these pictures are extremely extravagant can’t be any better i loooveeee your ability to take pictures!!!!!! truly of God’s blessing! Beautiful! Wonderful! Don’t think any other adjective would do i just really love these abilities of yours to take pictures in such a nice angle :)

  27. Raman Iyer

    really good collection…..awesome..no more comments please…..

  28. imran khan sagar

    so nice



  30. rabiakhan

    fruits are my favourite but very costly

  31. mahi

    it s soooooooo nice. so nice. i really like the grapes and grapfruit


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