19 Graceful Pictures of Balanced Rocks

There’s a fascination for balanced rocks that strikes a note with several photographers, and with that they have produced some amazing pictures. Check out these 19 graceful pictures of balanced rocks.

Balancing act

Balancing act by backpackphotography


rocks by Hailgumby

Rock Stack at Wallowa Lake

Rock Stack at Wallowa Lake by Evan Ology

On a Welsh beach

On a Welsh beach by Ian Carroll

Rock pile

Rock pile by Quinn Dombrowski

Balanced moon

Balanced moon by Jörg Reuter

Rock Stack

Rock Stack by Clara S


Untitled by amboo who

Rock balance

Rock balance by James Jordan


Benched by James Jordan

beach rock stack

beach rock stack by McD22

Achieving balance

Achieving balance by James Jordan

Stack of Rocks

Stack of Rocks by Ryan Harvey

Rock Tower

Rock Tower by Mattie B

Primitive art

Primitive art by Dave Gingrich

Rock balance

Rock balance by James Jordan

there are no perfect stones any more

there are no perfect stones any more by Vladimer Shioshvili

Balance of nature

Balance of nature by James Jordan


Stacked by Russell Hayes


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  1. Joel Dawson

    your link was sent to me by a friend that admires my stone balancing & photography. check it out… http://www.greenwichpointrocks.com

    I am also part of a group on facebook, “masters of balance”.



  2. linda golya

    I fell in love with your pictures of rocks, the placement and the feel of their balance, wonderful. I reminded me of a friend’s sculptures.

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