19 Great Pictures of Clothes Lines

With the bright colors and interesting settings you always seem to find clothes lines in, they make for great composition, texture, and color in your future photography. Check out these 19 great pictures of clothes lines.

Panni stesi a Venezia

Panni stesi a Venezia by Alessandra Elle

We installed a clothes line today

We installed a clothes line today by Ben Lucier

Clothes line

Clothes line by Andrés Moreira

Pegs on clothes line

Pegs on clothes line by Marlon Bunday

Amish Clothes Line

Amish Clothes Line by Bob Jagendorf


211/365 by Gibson Regester

Clothes pins

Clothes pins by Monica Arellano-Ongpin's photostream

Panni stesi a Venezia

Panni stesi a Venezia by Alessandra Elle

Down the line

Down the line by Sarah Scicluna

Fantastic Plastic

Fantastic Plastic by Ben Newton


washday by stephen bowler


Pinned by Esther Gibbons

Invisible children

Invisible children by Madzia Bryll

my clothes

my clothes by tracitodd

life on the farm

life on the farm by johnny klemme

Clothes Pins/Clothes Line

Clothes Pins/Clothes Line by kmoney56


Untitled by Miemo Penttinen

Yellow Peg

Yellow Peg by Cyron Ray Macey

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue by Cyron Ray Macey

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Andres Moreira

Thanks for add my photo! A great collection of clohtes lines, Love it!


More pegs. You can never have too many pegs! http://www.flickr.com/photos/welshkaren/2304829979/

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