19 Mind-blowing Photos of Wet Grass by Evan Leeson

Evan Leeson is a digital strategist who works on environmental issues. He is also a semi-pro photographer and optics buff who enjoys the short-cycle creative outlet of taking and processing images and sharing them with friends. I’ve been following Evan’s work for a long time and have found many of his images mind-blowing, like this particular set of his wet grass photos.

The Many Ways of Seeing

Along the Same Lines

Over Under

Quantum Colors

Morning in a Frozen World

Magisches Licht

Double Dew

Just the Two of Us

Barn Drop

Tiger Eyes

Emergent Color

So Blue

Crowd at the Top

Out of the Mist


Light Spray

Light Fog

Stand Up

Fresh Melt

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  1. Stephanie Sievers

    These are such great photograph! I really enjoyed looking at tham. Amazing! Thanks a lot!

  2. tori

    GREAT photos! They bring to mind “fractals” and “The Mandlebrot Set”. Very very cool! :)

  3. Elaine Mikkelstrup

    Just beautiful. Very inspiring work!

  4. Kaye Willis

    These shots are amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your work with the world!

  5. Evan Leeson

    Thanks for posting my photos.

  6. Judy Dungey

    How very wonderful…thank you.

  7. Jayantha Fernando

    Really, really admirable. Thank you.

  8. padminipriya

    the beauty of nature… thanks

  9. Eva Laskowska

    Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.

  10. malik yasir

    i like this photo graphy

  11. Jim Clavet

    Fantastic photos, amazing vision to capture such images.

  12. Robyn

    Absolutely fabulous images! Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Kerly

    Whatta wonderful world :)

  14. World Traveller

    Lovely shots indeed.. Loved the Bokeh effect.. Well done! Thanks for sharing :)

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