19 Pretty Pictures of Ponds

Barns, fields, flowers, trees; they all reside around ponds. Ponds create a central location for all of these things to come together and make the perfect shot. Check out these 19 pretty pictures of ponds.


Untitled by Minette Layne

Winter oak reflections

Winter oak reflections by Jim Champion

Mothia - Windmill and the blue hour colours

Mothia - Windmill and the blue hour colours by Francesco Pappalardo


Reflections by Mizrak

Boring but peaceful

Boring but peaceful by Mizrak

Snow Day

Snow Day by Evonne


pond by Per Ola Wiberg

Autumn light, Kerr's Farm

Autumn light, Kerr's Farm by Nathan Siemers

Bad Sunrise

Bad Sunrise by Kyle Kruchok


Moon by Wolfgang Staudt

exposure blend

exposure blend by chadh

Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections by Andrew E. Larsen

Autumn afternoon

Autumn afternoon by Wolfgang Staudt

For a moment I was Closer to Paradise.

For a moment I was Closer to Paradise. by William Cho


water by Toshihiro Oimatsu

Autumn Pond

Autumn Pond by Roger Green


Pond by Rachel


Until by Piermario


Ripples by James Jordan

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