20 Amazing Clone Pictures

While finding pictures for the various other posts I have put together, I sometimes come across a cloning picture, also called multiplicity photography. After seeing so many though, I thought it’d be great to feature a few more of them.

Cloning is done by taking several pictures of your subject in multiple places, and then layering your shots in a photo editing software. Here are 20 amazing clone pictures.

I Can't Escape Myself.

I Can't Escape Myself. by Casey Muir-Taylor

1. Coucou !

1. Coucou ! by Alexandre Duret-Lutz


Somewhere by Amanda Bowman

Day 7 of 366

Day 7 of 366 by Jeffrey

Backyard fighting

Backyard fighting by Erik Söderström

Facebook Only Lets Me Tag Myself Once

Facebook Only Lets Me Tag Myself Once by Evan Jackson

Today, Snaps Had Some Friends Around

Today, Snaps Had Some Friends Around by Mark Robinson


Untitled by gliss.gliss

How Many Helgas Does It Take

How Many Helgas Does It Take by Helga Weber

The cheater

The cheater by Massimo Barbieri

Platica de mujeres

Platica de mujeres by ramos alejandro

you can't make this out of styrofoam and duct tape

you can't make this out of styrofoam and duct tape by Evil Erin

Forest Exploring

Forest Exploring by Lin Pernille Photography

Whole Lot Of Jasmine

Whole Lot Of Jasmine by Stuart Richards

Toddler Clones

Toddler Clones by Marty Portier

Daniele Garzia

Daniele Garzia by L'altra anima dietro al vetro

Wierd Scene

Wierd Scene by Jesse Millan


mellyx2 by Melody Shanahan-Kluth


Untitled by megan leetz


Imagination by Evan

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  1. Ioan

    My favourite is from a guy called lordy99 on twitter! It’s brilliant!!

  2. Nate Kay

    Here is the picture you’re talking about. Very cool. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lordy99/504295275/

  3. Sarah

    I do this too!!! It’s my favorite thing to do on boring days, or when friends want me to take their photos.

  4. Dan

    Great collection! Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but, ahem, here’s mine: http://500px.com/photo/4176225

  5. Jason Palmer

    I’m sorry. But none of them even come close to the works of a guy called Dan Howard from England. His stuff is awesome.

    Here’s my fave shot of his

  6. rheecyn

    wer can i make pohotos like these?

  7. james birkbeck

  8. Sergey Morozov

    I’ve tried my hand at this a while ago. Here is a result: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morozgrafix/5484249847/

  9. Scott Warman

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