20 Amazing Panoramic Pictures

Panoramic photography is a special technique, using specialized equipment or software, that captures a much wider perspective of the landscape into one photo. In Greek, the term panorama simply means ‘all sight’. This term was formed by painters that wanted to capture a wide view of a landscape and not just a small section of it. Panoramic photography today is quite popular among landscape, architectural, and cityscape photographers.

(click each photo to view the larger version)

Panorama 15

Manly by Nigel Howe

Panorama 20

Sunset at Manly by Nigel Howe

Panorama 17

Conqurered by Zach Dischner

Panorama 19

Just a Little Magic by Zach Dischner

Panorama 18

Devil’s Peak by Jim Sher

Panorama 14

V&A Waterfront by coda

Panorama 16

Château de Versailles – L’Orangerie by Panoramas

Panorama 12

Sonnenstern by Wolfgang Staudt

Panorama 13

Taishan by Evan

Panorama 11

Salzburg HDR cityscape panorama by ZeHawk

Panorama 10

Panoramic photo of the Golden Gate by Douglas LeMoine

Panorama 8

Paris s’éveille by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Panorama 9

London Panorama by Marcus Holland-Moritz

Panorama 7

City Rising by Cedward Brice

Panorama 6

Caprician Panorama by Hair-Flick

Panorama 4

Fall Morning by JC Essentials

Panorama 5

Sicily Taormina Greek Theater… by Bart Hiddink

Panorama 3

Dubai Panorama by Michael Theis

Panorama 2

Chaophraya Golden Panorama by Nik Cyclist

Panorama 1

WEMBURY BAY Panorama… by Robert Pittman

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rini sugianto

awesome panoramic pics guys,

check out this guy too,

he has some awesome panoramic pics

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