20 Artsy Vegetable Pictures

After seeing our posts on Oreo’s, M&M’s, pies and ice cream, you may have gotten the impression that only deliciously unhealthy food is photogenic. This, however, is a misconception! Fruit and vegetables are perfect subjects for photography.

Believe in the Spring! by Hamed Saber

Jalapeño by Luke

cauliflower by liz west

Red Spinach by Stewart Butterfield

Paprika by Karoly Czifra

Thai Christmas by Adam

Pepper Composition (Explored) by Sean Rogers

garlic by Thanasis Anastasiou

corntastic by Darwin Bell

Riton et les petits pois... by sophie & cie

Potato harvest by Tommy Jørgensen

ooooh, snap (peas), girl by Darwin Bell

asparagus by liz west

Tomatoes mon amour by Francesco Bartaloni

Mmmmm Harvest... - Fort Collins, Colorado by Greg Younger

spring vegetables sc by liz west

Victoria Market - Melbourne by Geof Wilson

open onion by Darwin Bell

Subji Display by Meena Kadri

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  1. Sharon

    Wonderful shots!

  2. Nomadic Samuel

    Brilliant gallery! I love the colours of all the veggies here.

  3. David bise

    Beautiful pictures

  4. Cheryl Stackus

    The veggies are gorgeous…beyond good enough to eat…they look extravagantly edible…delicious. I’m finishing a children’s book with water color illustrations of vegetables, now I/m reconsidering that medium. These arrangements are inspiring. The vibrant colors and perfectly balanced compositions are absolutely beautiful.

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