20 Beautiful Bokeh Pictures

The term “bokeh” refers to blur or a blurry quality, and in photography it is a very recognizable technique. Using this effect in your photos can be a beautiful way to transform those images into a unique piece of art. Achieving bokeh when you want it to show up can get tricky though. For some quick steps to better bokeh click here.

Bokeh 1

The Smell of Bokeh by Neal Fowler

Bokeh 2

Colorful Lights by Kevin Dooley

Bokeh 3


Bokeh 4

Rush Hour by Terence S. Jones

Bokeh 5

Stopped Watch by JD Hancock

Bokeh 6

Nightshooting @ Zürich by Akarakoc

Bokeh 7

Wild Lily by Kevin Dooley

Bokeh 8

Singapore by Terence S. Jones

Bokeh 9

Golden Autumn by dorena-wm

Bokeh 10

Heart by Seyed mostafa zamani

Bokeh 11

I’m bokeh, you’re bokeh, pure bokeh, okay? by Kevin Dooley

Bokeh 12

Macy’s by Vincent

Bokeh 13

Dreaming of bokeh street by Terence S. Jones

Bokeh 14

Hepi Bokeh by dell

Bokeh 15

Summer Start by Vincent

Bokeh 16

The Army by Bùi Linh Ngân

Bokeh 17

Roxanne by Jonathan Kos-Read

Bokeh 18

Tokyo by Osamu Kaneko

Bokeh 19

A Merry Coffee Christmas my friends by Glenn Waters

Bokeh 20

Hu Jieqiong by Jonathan Kos-Read

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  1. fotografia en rio grande tx

    i like Wild Lily

  2. Caroline Smyth

    I only started using a DSLR in september last year & one of the things I fell in love with was how I could use my camera to create bokeh or “mub” as I entitled it – messed up background. Love the pics you have posted

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