20 Beautiful Peacock Pictures

With its extravagant eye-spotted tail, the peacock (male peafowl) is a beautiful bird to snap a few pictures of. Interestingly, the vibrant color of peacock feathers is actually the result of how the feathers are microscopically structured. Slight changes in the spacing of the feathers’ fibers also change the feathers’ colors.

In fact, the pigment of peacock feathers is brown, only their nanostructure makes them seem blue, turquoise, and green. This unique coloration is also why peacock feathers look iridescent, since light angles affect structural coloration more than pigments.


Miss Peacock: “Am I beautiful?” by Lomoody

So why take so much trouble to look beautiful? Charles Darwin thought that peacocks provided a great example of sexual selection, but John Steinbeck had a different perspective: “Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.”

In any case, peacocks are certainly beloved by many photographers.


Freedom … !! by Ivan Tasic


White peacock again by Tambako The Jaguar


Who’s a pretty boy?? by Louise Docker


Peacock by Paul Friel


Dancing Peacock by Hamed Saber


Looks like lots of eyes by Louise Docker


Shades of blue by Tambako The Jaguar


Peacock Tail, Long View by Tony Fischer


Peacock in the vegetation by Tambako The Jaguar


image by Shawn Rossi


Peacock Flamenco by Mark Wheadon


Fill the frame by Nina Matthews


Peacock by David Whitehall


Pauw by Greg Tee


Are you looking at me by LadyDragonflyCC


Eyes by Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis


Duo of Peacocks by Chantel Beam


Peacock taken from behind by Angela Bethell


Peacock display by Robert Gregory

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  1. Audrey Hona

    We learn how cameras work and make sense of what that means in terms of choosing a camera to buy and how that choice affects your photographs.

  2. Lomoody

    Wow, very nice collection!!
    And thanks for blogging my photo here :)

  3. Alessandro Martino

  4. Anonymous

    it was really very cute stills..like it so much


    it is indeed highly praiseworthy , my sweet love for you all , wish further more in near future – regards – amit, Darjeeling , India

  6. G.M.Kamrul Hasan

    very very nice!i wont’s to you many pic……………..

  7. sumalokesha

    wow super photo grape

  8. Mahesh

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  9. chloe

    J’ai pas encore essayer
    Mais sa a l’air bien.

  10. sowmya

    it’s marvalous

  11. lawayne kimbro

    My favorite two shots are the first White one and the one from the backside.. very unique.

    I’d also submit my two shots



  12. sirat

    oh what a charming and delightful peacock

  13. satish kumar

    kii kucho accha foto delo re nunu

  14. tina shelton lopez

    I think your photos were very lovely thanks for sharing.

  15. sowmya

    beautiful super

  16. Asifa afridi

    Subhan Allah.v.prety bird and amazing photography.

  17. sumayya

    soooooooo beautiful pics:)

  18. harshitha.t.n

    it’s wonderful picutersssssss

  19. shreya jillella

    hey superb

  20. S. Venkatesh

    Wonderful pictures. I really liked it most and thank you for the good job done.

  21. abi

    very nice i like peacock

  22. krcl srinivas

    Very beautiful pics

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