20 Charming Pictures of Ground Squirrels and Chipmunks

Ground squirrels and chipmunks look so similar that they’re often confused with each other–or, at least, they’re both called chipmunks. You can tell the difference between the two mostly by their size (chipmunks are smaller) and by the markings on their heads: chipmunks have stripes across their faces, while ground squirrels have no stripes, only white circles around their eyes. Regardless of which species you’re photographing, though, they’re both incredibly clever and charming, anything that will persuade their audiences into throwing nuts.


Chipmunk by Beth Wold


Chipmunk by Brenda Hartman

Chipmunk on a Branch

Chipmunk on a Branch by Tammy Schmidt

Chipmunk by Trail Ridge Road

Chipmunk by Trail Ridge Road by Ryan Grayson

Tea Time chipmunk

Tea Time by Alec Hartman

Chipper Fella chipmunk

Chipper Fella by Tsuki

Computer Chip chipmunk

Computer Chip by Alec Hartman


Ain’t too proud to beg by ankakay


For what we are about to receive…. by Keven Law

Colorado Chipmunk

Colorado Chipmunk by Larry Johnson

chipmunk and cat

Come over here and say that! by Jamie in Bytown

Chipmunk at Birdsall Beach Resort

Chipmunk at Birdsall Beach Resort by Derek Purdy

ground squirrel

Squirrel – 3 by Natesh Ramasamy


Hey, camera is not food! by Jeffrey Pang

chipmunk with nut

Trick or treat ! by Gilles Gonthier

peekaboo chipmunk

peekaboo by ankakay

chipmunk in towel

I borrowed the shower. So what? by James Lee


chipmunk by Dawn Huczek

chipmunk peanut

my peanut kung fu is strong by ankakay


pinky by ankakay

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