20 Cool Pictures of Calico Cats

‘Calico’ isn’t a cat breed, only a type of fur color that mixes white, orange and black. It’s linked with the X chromosome in cats, which means that calico cats are almost always female. They’re supposed to bring good luck–perhaps, for photographers, in the form of beautiful photos.

Cute Kitten- II

Cute Kitten- II by A/V


Ramu by Takashi Hososhima

Tough life...

Tough life… by Kenny Louie

Temporary book

Temporary book, er, #cat #storage by Jackie Flynt

The bright side

The bright side by Marina del Castell

Daisy, July 1988

Daisy, July 1988 by alljengi

Slipping Ginny

Slipping Ginny by Benjamin Watson

Green & Ginger

Green & Ginger by Erica Zabowski

calico cat

DMld by Andres Rodriguez


Gatto by Evelyn Hill


Crazyface by Erica Zabowski

Squishy's Sexy Pose

Squishy’s Sexy Pose by Erica Zabowski

It's a tough life

It’s a tough life… by Sandra Forbes


Katwalk by Serena

Dream team

Dream team by Serena

calico cat

Image by barb howe

Kitten Moustache 1984-5

Kitten Moustache 1984-5 by Bill Abbott

Watching the world from above

Watching the world from above by Tambako The Jaguar

What are you up to?

What are you up to? by Takashi Hososhima

From the top of the stairs too!

From the top of the stairs too! by Tambako The Jaguar

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