20 Cool Pictures of Snakes

According to the Chinese zodiac, it’s now the Year of the Snake, which means that this year is supposed to be characterized by intelligence and a tendency for corruption. Whether or not you believe in the zodiac calendar, it’s a good excuse to celebrate snakes, if only because they’ve inspired some of the best villains.

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python by Ian C

Python Love snake

Python Love by Summer Owens

Steely Gaze baby snake

Steely Gaze by Summer Owens

Scary Green Python Snake

Scary Green Python Snake by Brenda K. Foster

Venomous snake

Venomous by Rebeccah Dean

Yellow-Blotched Palm-Pitviper

Yellow-Blotched Palm-Pitviper by Tad Arensmeier

Albino rattlesnake

Albino rattlesnake by Tambako the Jaguar

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes snake

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes by spisharam

hunted snake

Hunted by Umberto Salvagnin

jararaca na praia snake in sand

jararaca na praia by R’eyes

Portrait of a green snake

Portrait of a green snake by Tambako the Jaguar

This is Greeno my pet snake

This is Greeno my pet snake by Entrepreneurial Dreams

Sunlit Snake black rat snake

Sunlit Snake by Matt Reinbold

green snake

Snake by katsrcool (Bob Protus)

Intense little snake

Intense by Art G.

Again, a green snake!

Again, a green snake! by Tambako the Jaguar

Chunk-head snake, Yasuni

Chunk-head snake, Yasuni by Geoff Gallice

Vine snake

Vine snake by Santiago Ron

Watching its reflection green snake

Watching its reflection by Tambako the Jaguar

A juvenile western plains garter snake

Figure 8 by Matt Reinbold

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