20 Cool Polar Bear Pictures

Polar bears are amazing not only because they’re big, but because they’re big and can swim underwater. From a photographer’s perspective, they’re also interesting animals because of their unique fur, which seems white but is actually transparent, reflecting light much like ice or snow. This special fur makes polar bears especially attractive in black-and-white photography, shining brightly against dark winter backgrounds or icy blue water.

Lonely Polar Bear

Lonely Polar Bear by Deb Noyes

polar bear swimming

Swimming Is Serious Business by David Dunham

Arctic Swim polar bear

Arctic Swim by Tania Cardenas

Polar Bears Slip On Ice

Polar Bears Slip On Ice by Dale O’Dell

Polar Bear

Polar Bear by Amanda Salazar

Polar Bears

Polar Bears by Tigerseyecrafts

Polar Bear Swimming

Polar Bear Swimming by visualjourneys

Sleeping polar bear

Sleeping Beauty by Joanna Kapica

Blue Poem polar bear

Blue Poem by Maryia Ramanava

Kid and Kid polar bear

Kid and Kid by Dave Hogg

Polar bear in the sun

Polar bear in the sun by Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers

polar bear cubs

All on board! by beingmyself

polar bear swimming

‘How Are You Folks Doing Today?’ by John

polar bear underwater

CPH ZOO The Arctic Ring by Stig Nygaard

polar bear cubs

Just us cute little polar bears freezing our little buns off! by beingmyself

Happy Polar Bear

Happy Polar Bear by Jeff Kubina

female polar bear

curious tiguak by ankakay

polar bear

I’m so ashamed of this new manicure! by Ajay

polar bear

Watching the world go by by Ajay

Polar Bears

Polar Bears by Will Keightley

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  1. Cetin Aiedin

    Great pictures.

  2. Nicol

    OMG these are soooo cute!! I absolutely love the one with the “Watch for Ice” Sign. Classic!!! Many thanks for uploading these!!

  3. Jan Fox

    Stunning photos love them all Polar Bear cubs are so cute

  4. Stacie Muller

    Great and fun photos!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Emily Pearson

    I adore polar bears and these images are amazing. Lucky me will be photographing two polar bears namer walker and arktos at kincraig wildlife park in Scotland next month, super excited, watch out for my blog on this special shoot at http://www.capturedheartsphotography.co.uk/blog

  6. rahmat ali sikder khokon

    cute pic

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