20 Creative Danbo Pictures

Danbo is a fictional cardboard box robot character which became popular as a photography item after a few photographers started posing them in unique settings and putting together 365 projects with Danbo as the only subject. Here are 20 of my favorite Danbo pictures which have become a popular photography subject on Flickr.


Boppin’ to Nothin’ by Craig Davis


Danbo (heart) Windows 7 by mendhak


Hallelujah! by Roger Byrne


mom by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


image by sⓘndy°


Meet Danbo by Luke Baldacchino


image by sⓘndy°


Danbo retro by Andrés Nieto Porras


Paparazzi by Andrés Nieto Porras


Use the what? by mendhak


sunrise by Christian Plochacki


Somewhere I Belong by Christian Plochacki


Belpasso – Danbo looks at its shadow by Francesco Pappalardo

Get your very own Danbo on Amazon.

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  1. adam

    this is amazing where did you come up with this idea

  2. Yc

    I like it!!! I love DANBO so much!!! Hope can buy the T-shirts, key chains, bottles and more things that have DANBO~!!!

  3. VirginiaK

    Hi! Love these pictures. I just bought some similar 4×6 on Etsy. Would you ever consider selling copies of these prints? I am thinking of making a large board for my son’s room. Thanks so much for considering! Virginia Kelly/Irving, Tx

  4. Nate Kay

    You can find the photographer contact info by clicking on each photo which will redirect you to their Flickr page.


    I LIKE DANBO!!!!!!!
    WANT 1!!

  6. snapbyariry

    cool….i like danbo………….

    *cath up my project to…project ilusi123 =) thanks

  7. john agust

    love love danboooo…!!!!
    nice shoot…. :)

  8. kiki

    i love DANBO so much,, if i can buy 1 of it..
    wohoooo,, DANBO,, :*

  9. Julien Denoyer

    I love these!!! I have the plain version as the Amazon one was expensive at the time…love it! I also made myself a Moleskine cover with a Danbo illustration, check it out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76509503/danbo-moleskine-cahier

  10. 123ron

    cool stuff!

  11. hany kamel

    very nice

  12. cnks

    amazing thoughts……..

  13. Azure

    amazing!!! :))

  14. Vivi .-

    Amoo a danbo . :D jajaj
    Me encanta . :P

  15. Trakturek..;P


  16. Oriiana

    Y ♥ U DANBOO !! Es muii Hrmozo pensaron es todoo cuando lo crearon ♥ Muii buen invento ♥

  17. PunjaBEE(WK)

    I like the DANBO very much!!

  18. ramy

    super cute !!

  19. toaste

    i love danbo! i think ive got all of the photos stuffed in my danbo™ file. im changing my wallpaper daily!

  20. maria thereza de barros camargo

    Delicious, poetical, lovely, cheerful, storytelling,and many other ways os saying what we want to say, or feel. Congrats! I want to see more of it. Thank you!

    Maria Thereza
    from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  21. Celine G.

    I’m in love with Danbo. <3

  22. dian hadianty

    it so amazing,, I very very like DANBO :) :*

  23. dian hadianty II

    I love cute danbo

  24. xxxxx

    I really like danbo

  25. J_P

    :) ;) Tan lindos jejejejeje

  26. vegadicted!

    OMG!! it’s very awesome DANBO! really really like it :D :D

  27. aira

    i love domo so much <3<3<3

  28. aira

    love danbo

  29. cholisa

    big WOW! cute!

  30. Ilham

    wowww, …dambo is very cute, i like dambo!!! danbo also is very amazing becausemade in paper

  31. danboo :-*

    danbo …!!
    you’re so cute !!

  32. Chlaire Banks

    How cute, I saw more – http://yebuzz.com/?p=355

  33. rara vira

    i like u..

  34. DaDa

    SO CUTE !!!!:)

  35. Aidhol

    Danbo so funny :*

  36. ro0x

    i like danbo its sooo cute and funny

  37. Rojer

    Jelek JI merek sundalakjie danbo mending domo

  38. dambers

    i love danbo..
    i love you so much…
    you’re a cute guy…
    nomu nomu sarangheso..

  39. zahra

    سلام…..ممنون…عالی بود

  40. iris

    hoiiiiiiii ! (l)

  41. wangsit widnyana

    hanya danbo…
    gx ada yag lain

  42. kig.mfbjhojllsand

    Evrybody love Danbo

  43. Ari

    love you full danbo…!!!! :D :D :D

  44. shari

    o0o0o0o0o! :D vrY nYx dAmB0 ^_^! thnx t0 u fR sh0wInG! ^_^

  45. Addy

    OMG! Love ur pics! I was just wondering how u get the pics to look like that? like is there a specific lens, camera, program etc,

  46. Yhosii

    LIKEE IT… :) :)

  47. Nichikyon

    kyaa!DANBO kawaii~! I LOVE DANBO!!XD

  48. Widia

    Creative danbo

  49. Arjun

    Awesome Danbos! I’ve seen Danbo photography which proposes love to another danbo! Looks great!

  50. sandra wahyu liani

    DANBO it’s so good,,
    i like it’s,,
    good for you DANBO,
    i love you forever : )

  51. Saffa

    Danbo is the best

  52. David BISE

    Incredible ! Very nice job ! I like it !

  53. Saito and Satomi

  54. NEGIN

    sooo fuuny thank you so muuuuuuch ;)

  55. sajz

    i luv danbo

  56. zavera

    I am crazily in love with this art Danbo pictures, so cute and sweet photos!

  57. abin

    i like danbo

  58. abin

    i love danbo <3

  59. Maya Primeradama Yanti

    I Love Danbo …. :)

  60. mala damar(danamalaforever)


  61. dhany

    i love it

  62. firstputrim

    nice and sweet….I love danbo

  63. Jason

    All of these captures and compositions including the subject are cute.. <3 <3

  64. yunita koedoezz

    danbonya funny cute and unique

  65. vavu

    nice crations

  66. thatha mittha

    Like you Danbo cute :-*

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