20 Disturbingly Awesome Pictures of Zombies

Maybe you’re in the Zombie camp, maybe you’re in the Vampire camp, or maybe you’re in the Can’t-we-all-be-normal camp. No matter who you are, there’s no denying that these zombie photos are a bit disturbing, and definitely awesome.


Zombie by Queen Of Salvation Photography

zombie Day 1 / 3.65 - I Hate Mondays

Day 1 / 3.65 – I Hate Mondays

Zombie Civil War Soldier

Zombie Civil War Soldier by Brandon Batie

010 - Conversation zombie

010 – Conversation by Kevin Thai

Granny Slayer of Zombies

Granny Slayer of Zombies by Gary Irving

Zombies On the Hunt

Zombies On the Hunt by Gary Irving

Soon We Will All Be The Zombies That You Feared

Soon We Will All Be The Zombies That You Feared by Gabriel Rojas Hruska

Redneck Zombie Killing Team

Redneck Zombie Killing Team by Matthew Hogan

Your lips are cold zombie

Your lips are cold by Gabor Dvornik

Zombie Walk 2012 - SP

Zombie Walk 2012 – SP by Gianluca Ramalho Misiti



[182/365] Zombie Love

[182/365] Zombie Love by Pascal

Glamour Zombie

Glamour Zombie by jamesrdoe

304/365: Halloween (Zombie dinner)

304/365: Halloween (Zombie dinner) by Andrés Nieto Porras

ZombieWalk Asbury Park NJ

ZombieWalk Asbury Park NJ by Bob Jagendorf

mcdonalds_5371 zombie

mcdonalds_5371 by Pete

Deadly Appetite zombie

Deadly Appetite by Nikita Gushue

Zombie Mouthless

Zombie Mouthless by Vũ Quốc Việt

Zombies Fashion

Zombies Fashion by Yasser Alghofily


Zombie by Kevin Dooley

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