20 Eggcellent Still Life Pictures with Eggs

Eggs have been part of still life pictures for centuries, which proves the adage that an oeuf is really enough.

Brown Eggs

Eggs by Hilary Upton

bowl of eggs

Equinox by Alicia Bock

eggs, rasberries and apples

eggs, rasberries and apples by Castle Cat Studio

Peeling Egg

Peeling Egg by Evi Abeler

Farm fresh eggs

Farm fresh eggs by Marianne LoMonaco

Three eggs and a pitcher

Three eggs and a pitcher by g(ART)en photography

Sutured Egg

Sutured Egg by Machel Spence

An egg in an egg mixer

An egg in an egg mixer by Black vs White Photography

Chicken and the Egg

Chicken and the Egg by Ann e. Cutting

Egg and Feather

Egg and Feather by Neal Santos

A Love Affair

A Love Affair by Julien Denoyer

Orphan Egg

Orphan Egg by Julien Denoyer

Broken Egg

Broken Egg by Sam Hedrick

Nest and Eggs

Here, Together by Danielle Marie


Egg by Steve Johnson

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by Torsten Reuschling

Eaten Egg

Eaten by Yuliya Art

Eggs in a Row

Eggs in a Row by Carrie Lopez

Impatient Egg

Impatient by Julien Denoyer

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Love all the photos,,,very creative!


Amazing ideas! Great work, I like it!


Julien Denoyer

Wow…thanks for posting some of my prints!!! Great collection you’ve put toghether, really appreciate it!


I especially love the Impatient photo. what a brilliant idea!

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