20 Elegant Chandelier Pictures

Chandeliers are one of those lighting fixtures that make the room instantly elegant. With their swirls and glittering crystals, they make for great texture and eye-catching light in your future pictures. Take a peek at these 20 elegant chandelier pictures.

Karstadt store in Görlitz, Germany

Karstadt store in Görlitz, Germany by Eddy Van 3000


Up by Heather Katsoulis

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory by Kenny Louie


Chandelier by Helena Liu


Chandelier by Julian Burgess


Chandelier by Shawn Allen

French Antique Glass Chandelier

French Antique Glass Chandelier by French Finds

Sept 18/10 chandelier

Sept 18/10 chandelier by Judith Doyle

Amway Chandeliers

Amway Chandeliers by Stefan

salt chandelier

salt chandelier by Evan Bregman


Chandelier by Laonia


Chandelier by Angie Garrett

Chandelier jellyfish

Chandelier jellyfish by kimba Howard


Chandelier by Stefan


Chandelier by Mat Tyrrell


Chandelier by saori usuki

chandelier #2

chandelier #2 by Mat Tyrrell

Chandelier up close

Chandelier up close by Geoff Wong

Chandelier, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Chandelier, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford by Chris Wild

chandelier and tilework in the rotunda

chandelier and tilework in the rotunda by jim Winstead

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