20 Eye-Catching Portraits by Jack Alexander

22-year-old Jack Alexander is a self-taught portrait photographer based out of London. He’s found that photography has taken over the way he looks at life. When he’s walking down the street, he’s always looking at other people, imagining how he would photograph them. He is naturally a sociable person and loves that portrait photography involves working with new people all the time.

Jack has a very natural style and often prefers to dress his subjects in their own clothes. He finds that this compliments the type of work that he does, which is usually press shots for musicians, or photos for model agencies that need clean portraits to get their portfolios kick-started.

To see more of Jack’s work, check out his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr Photostream.

Jack Alexander1


Jack Alexander2

Jack Alexander3

Jack Alexander4

Jack Alexander5

Jack Alexander6

Jack Alexander7

Jack Alexander8

Jack Alexander9

Jack Alexander10

Jack Alexander11

Jack Alexander12

Jack Alexander13

Jack Alexander14

Jack Alexander15

Jack Alexander16

Jack Alexander17

Jack Alexander18

Jack Alexander19

Jack Alexander20

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