20 Fantastic Pictures of Birds Flying

Nature is never an old subject when it comes to photography. It’s constantly changing and moving, and it’s hard to duplicate its natural beauty in the man-made world. Birds in particular are very beautiful, especially in flight. Usually it takes a fast shutter speed, telephoto lens, and some great focusing techniques to catch them just right. Then again, sometimes it just takes pointing whatever you have in your hands and hoping it turns out. Here are 20 fantastic pictures of birds flying that turned out great.

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birds flying

Redtailed Hawk by Jack Wolf

birds flying

Touching heaven by Jack Wolf

birds flying

Jumpin’ Jack by Stefano Corso

birds flying

Great Egret by Mike Baird

birds flying

Royal Tern by Mike Baird

birds flying

Taking off by Tambako the Jaguar

birds flying

Look right, Look Left by Keven Law

birds flying

Sunset flight by Jennie

birds flying

What’s a nice bird like you doing in a dive like this? by steve

birds flying

Let’s fly together by tiegeltuf

birds flying

Posing for me by AHMED…

birds flying

Falcon flying by Alexander Kuchar

birds flying

Fly like a hawk by John&Fish

birds flying

image by swirlingthoughts

birds flying

Muriwai Gannet by Robin Ducker

birds flying

PICAndo la FLOR by Gustavo Durán

birds flying

Great Blue Heron, Cranberry Harvest White’s Bog New Jersey by Peter Massas

birds flying

Hummingbird Divebomber by Paul Sapiano

birds flying

Moving on by Neil Mallett

birds flying

fly away by Bernat Casero

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  1. Stinlim

    Fly high , that is why mostly people love to be a bird if they have a chance ,to be free and wild. I personally love how it was taken patience is a must for these.Thank you and more power from Edmonton Photographer.

  2. Matias Singers

    I took my first photo of a bird in flight not too long ago, it was almost pure luck and a bunch of post-processing. I’m really excited about how it turned out, and pretty proud of the photo.

    Check it out over on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matiassingers/4816641038/

  3. fairus

    So nice n awesome……great shot guy….so helful for me as a freelance

  4. Bashed


  5. Samatha


  6. luciano

    it is wounderful and healing to see best photos and when thing about creation of nuture

  7. Daniel Issac


  8. olayiwola owokoniran

    I love this



  10. CalTek

    I love shooting wildlife with the camera and flying birds is a wonder subject to capture.

    My fav shot this year is a hen duck landing right next to me at our local zoo (http://500px.com/photo/6148236).



  11. Gkroat

    really nice pictures amazing really u have a nice profashion

  12. Bhupesh.Chopra

    Really good pics

  13. Ujana Larma

    Just Amazing!

  14. Aaron Henfling


  15. dalveer singh

    you caught the flying of birds. really it is rare vision.i want to see more, inform me about it.

  16. gloptum

    I’ve seen and taken a lot of bird images and these are not really fantastic.

    Last one with the seabird flying against the cloud back ground is a composite of two images.

  17. kavitha

    lovely pictures so nice

  18. sanuk

    Nice pictures!!!, taking picture is easy now a days with the new technologies, a digital camera or a smart phone can make it. But taking an image which speaks to the world is not an easy task. I have seen this kind of photography in your work, keep it up and all the best

  19. ashias

    Awesome!!!!!!thanks for uploading this amazing pictures

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